“Thanks to Alyssa’s mentoring and coaching, I published my first travel clip in Go Nomad! I highly recommend her as a writing coach.”-Paulina Colwell; Go Nomad, The Organization for World Peace website and CU News Corps

BBC - Alyssa Pinsker
BBC - Alyssa Pinsker
BBC - Alyssa Pinsker
BBC - Alyssa Pinsker
BBC - Alyssa Pinsker

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10 Ways to Travel the World BOOK COVER


Almost 500 responsive engaged media contacts from top-tier publications

Wave goodbye to those expensive media databases that are full of outdated information and expensive features you don’t even need. Our peer-curated media contact database are all warm contacts, there is pay information and even notes from journalists!

Divided into 21 seperate categories such as Travel, Hard News, Personal Essays, Arts and Entertainment and more.

Includes free tips on how to get the lastest editor’s contact and how to know EXACTLY what to pitch plus a secret tool to find any editor!

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Secrets to Getting Published in Top Tier Media - $18

I want to tell you a secret about getting published in top-tier media like Forbes, Lonely Planet, BBC, Cosmopolitan, Fodors, and more! Anyone and any business can do it. You just have to know how-to, and you need a mentor to guide you along the way. For other secrets like whether you should “multiple submit”, what day and time is the best to submit, how many times you just re-write something before it is pitch-perfect, how to catch an editor’s eye, and ensure they read your pitch, and how to even know if they are considering it purchase “Secrets to Getting Published in Top Tier Media” today.

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Why PR Matters - FREE

Looking to be your own publicist? As a special bonus for individuals and businesses who are just learning to pitch themselves to top-tier media and publicists, we are offering a gift “Why PR Matters” as an intro to how to be your own publicist FOR FREE and get yourself or your company published in the world’s best newspapers and magazines.

How to get published


The definitive step-by-step guide.

How to get published in top-tier media like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Marie Claire, Forbes, and more. Step One is deciding what you want to write about,  and where you want to write it, and how.

Step Two is finding out exactly who to pitch, and we don’t mean and how.

Step Three is a paragraph by paragraph breakdown of exactly how to write the e-mail pitch that will be accepted. Exactly how.

Includes plenty of examples, and pages and pages of tips and tricks. This is it. All you need in lieu of a publicist or 1:1 coaching with Girl Gone Global Communications. Since this is a brave first step, a newcomer may  book a 15-minute coaching session to ask any questions and clarify the blueprint. Book at

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Have you ever wanted to quit your dayjob and travel the world?
Would you like to travel the world VIP for free?
Do you want to get published in top-tier magazines?
Do you want to learn how to become a travel blogger or influencer?
Have you ever thought about becoming a travel writer, traveling the world as a Michelen star food reviewer and luxury hotel critic, jet setting to places like Dubai and Paris, for free? Most people have
I used to dream of the world’s best dayjob so I could leave my golden handcuffs even though I was changing hearts and minds as an inner-city and international teacher.

I cracked the code in 2015, and I am finally spilling my secrets! Leave your boring golden handcuffs and take on the world’s best job.

Become a travel writer and write your way to traveling the world VIP for free! This masterclass covers:

  • What is a travel writer?
  • How does one become a travel writer?
  • Do you get paid to travel the world for free?
  • What happens if you don’t like the destination/restaurant/hotel?
  • Who allows press trips?
  • What is a press trip?
  • What if I like adventure travel and not luxury travel?
  • Do I get to bring a plus one?
  • How to get on the list so that  destinations pitch YOU!
  • How to get published in top-tier  travel magazines!
  • Plus: How to become a travel blogger or travel influencer!
BONUS: A list of private PR agencies to pitch!
BONUS: A cheatsheet book with tips, links, and notes on HOW TO BECOME A TRAVEL WRITER from Alyssa!
14 guaranteed publication list

15 GUARANTEED SLAM-DUNK PUBLICATIONS, TELEVISION AND PODCASTS! + 3 Guest +6 Contributor gigs+ 2 top-tier places to pitch $497

15 GUARANTEED SLAM-DUNK PUBLICATIONS, TELEVISION, AND PODCASTS! EASY basically almost slam dunk + 3 Guest +6 Contributor gigs+ 2 top-tier places to pitch!
The number one rule when hiring a publicist is “nothing is guaranteed.”
This is like hiring a $10,000 a month, 6 month contracted publicist (value: $60,000) who ALSO guarantees that you will be published in: a global television show with millions of viewers that features an interview with YOU!, a Q and A for people of influence that averages 90 million views, an article all about you or your brand in a magazine online that is as easy as clicking POST.
All of these publications average 45 million views. In PR and life there are no guarantees, except here. BONUS: Patented Pitching Template! Value $500.
Total value $60,500 for an intro price of $497
Monthly Retainer


Join the group with over 13,000 members with top-tier editors, and writers to connect with each other. Top-tier vetted writers post their ideas and pitches for editors.  Editors from the New York Times, Lonely Planet, Forbes, Fodors and more post calls for pitches, and read writer’s pitches. Writer’s help each other with direct e-mail addresses of editors, advice on who, what, how, when, and where to pitch.  One member pitched her essay and a New York Times editor liked it, published it, and then an agent approached said member for a $250,000 Random Penguin House book deal, and press in places like Trevor Noah giving the member the means to continue the legal fight documented in her memoir, which meant keeping her children and living in her chosen state. That’s the power of this network.


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