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Born in Brooklyn, raised in Philadelphia and fine polished in New York City with a year each in France, Japan, Switzerland, India,and Ukraine, Alyssa has been in Boulder for six years following her family. She has 15 years of experience in luxury travel as an expert in top-tier media, she is also an award-winning journalist and commentator for outlets like BBC and the Huffington Post and is currently agented with Cathexis Talent.

Her strong global experience and connections strengthen her consistent goal of seeking excellence and connecting the best with the best in Boulder real estate. Her perspective on luxury and investment opportunities is to offer the finest, whether it’s a deal or an investment. She offers a curated luxury experience and is with you every step of the way, offering candor, coaching and prime negotiation skills throughout the process of helping her clients find and sell their homes.

She is informed, detail-oriented, and well-connected. The Pedal Group at Compass team is honored to have Alyssa and her network join the team. When she’s not connecting or entertaining, she enjoys travel (45 countries down,) fitness, having obtained her yoga license in India and barre certificate in Boulder; the arts, horseback riding, and volunteering for the Denver Children’s Foundation, Sunflower Seeds Ukraine and the Boulder Jewish Community. She also sells rare wine and still covers elite global travel assignments with her assistant, rescue chihuahua-dachshund, Beanie. You can follow for posts about travel, lifestyle, and real estate at