Have you ever wanted to quit your day job and travel the world?

Would you like to travel the world VIP for free?
Do you want to get published in top-tier magazines?
Do you want to learn how to become a travel blogger or influencer?
Have you ever thought about becoming a travel writer, traveling the world as a Michelin star food reviewer and luxury hotel critic, jet setting to places like Dubai and Paris, for free? Most people have
I used to dream of the world’s best dayjob so I could leave my golden handcuffs even though I was changing hearts and minds as an inner-city and international teacher.

I cracked the code in 2015, and I am finally spilling my secrets! Leave your boring golden handcuffs and take on the world’s best job.

Become a travel writer and write your way to traveling the world VIP for free! This masterclass covers:

  • What is a travel writer?
  • How does one become a travel writer?
  • Do you get paid to travel the world for free?
  • What happens if you don’t like the destination/restaurant/hotel?
  • Who allows press trips?
  • What is a press trip?
  • What if I like adventure travel and not luxury travel?
  • Do I get to bring a plus one?
  • How to get on the list so that  destinations pitch YOU!
  • How to get published in top-tier  travel magazines!
  • Plus: How to become a travel blogger or travel influencer!
  • BONUS: A list of private PR agencies to pitch!
  • BONUS: A cheatsheet book with tips, links, and notes on HOW TO BECOME A TRAVEL WRITER from Alyssa!

Secrets to Becoming a Travel Writer

Secrets to Becoming a Travel Writer