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“Thanks to Alyssa’s mentoring and coaching, I published my first travel clip in Go Nomad! I highly recommend her as a writing coach.”-Paulina Colwell; Go Nomad, The Organization for World Peace website and CU News Corps

BBC - Alyssa Pinsker
BBC - Alyssa Pinsker
BBC - Alyssa Pinsker
BBC - Alyssa Pinsker
BBC - Alyssa Pinsker

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Publish Your Work In Top-tier Magazines

Pick My Brain


AMA. Need to talk? Have a burning question? Want advice? Quick question? Alyssa will speak to you 1:1 for an hour dedicated to just you. Whether it’s about how to travel, how to get published, big goals like modeling and influencing, or something you’ve been dying to ask me 1:1, I am here for you to AMA. After payment is made, please book via, and I will give you a call!


Pitch to Publish


Instant gratification takes too long. Writers of all levels will be given the opportunity to receive feedback on their work as well as placement suggestions from a professional writer and coach. Alyssa will give you the key to getting published in top magazines, the mentorship and support it takes to get there. This includes mentorship, coaching, editing, ghostwriting*, warm contacts and introductions*, networking tips, insider tips, and proofreading. Subject specialties include non-fiction,  travel, food, essays, humor, and faith. We currently have a 100% success rate with students publishing their work in the New York Times, L.A. Times, Atlas Obscura, Lonely Planet, Matador Network, New York Times, and more. Each month we will:

  • Read client’s output for blogs, publications, social media posts, etc.
  • Brainstorm outlets for story ideas (distribution list creation)
  • Review story ideas
  • 24-7 Accountability coaching
  • Deadlines and organizational tools
  • Brainstorm, compose, edit and review query letters
  • Client will receive feedback on query letters
  • Edits from draft until final submission for stories and query letters
  •  Hand-selected suggestions from the 21K Girl Gone Global Rolodex for your audience (editors, publicists, and more)
  • Strategy on how-to choose: Influencing, blogging, or getting published in traditional publications
  • Or influencer content review and creation
  • Or blog review and creation
  • Insider industry information and tips

$1997 per month, 6-month minimum

finally writing your book


Now is the time to write your book and you can do this, with the support of a coach. Alyssa Pinsker (Rockstar Travel Writers, The Hope, Six-Word Memoirs) will help you create a plan of action including market competition/comparative titles, the feasibility analysis of the required components for book’s success, broad consulting advice, utilization of coach’s network and contacts for (establishing )goals and best publishing method. Afterward, she helps you write your book from start to finish, from “shitty first draft” (to quote the great writer Anne Lamott) to ready for publication!




VIP package that includes weekly 60 minute interviews and the book is done and either self-published or pitched to top-tier publishers and agents using our 21K rolodex. 6 months commitment, monthly payments.  Nervous to finally write your book? Consider our PITCH TO PUBLISH package first, for faster results, to preview your work in top-tier outlets as articles and essays with the potential byline of “Author is working on a forthcoming memoir.” to establish a platform in the millions, establish credibility for agents and publishers, solidify your story for yourself and book, and to pre-sell your book! 

eBook Top Secrets Paid2

Secrets to Getting Published in Top Tier Media - $18

I want to tell you a secret about getting published in top-tier media like Forbes, Lonely Planet, BBC, Cosmopolitan, Fodors, and more! Anyone and any business can do it. You just have to know how-to, and you need a mentor to guide you along the way. For other secrets like whether you should “multiple submit”, what day and time is the best to submit, how many times you just re-write something before it is pitch-perfect, how to catch an editor’s eye, and ensure they read your pitch, and how to even know if they are considering it purchase “Secrets to Getting Published in Top Tier Media” today.

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