Clients will develop, refine, finalize, memorize and be prepared to “wow” audiences with performances with feedback from storyteller and speaker Alyssa Pinsker, Moth Storyslam winner who has also performed at Story Collider, How I Learned Series, Yum’s the Word, New York Confidential, Ignite Hanukkah and more. Bring ideas of personal experiences or story pitches to deliver – and together we will refine stories, find the perfect structure, and practice a method of delivery that brings attendees’ personalities front and center. This class can be for businesses or *just learning how*to tell a story on stage at venues like TedX or the Moth. Storytelling skills are easily translated to pitching investors, giving keynote talks, presenting marketing pitches, developing brands and motivating teams via the art of storytelling. We will:

  • Read client’s speech or story
  • Brainstorm outlets if needed (TED X, local venues)
  • Review story ideas
  • Accountability coaching
  • Deadlines and organizational tools
  • Three rounds of editing
  • Client will receive feedback on story
  • Edits from draft until final presentation
  • Examples of similar storytelling
  •  Insider industry information and tips

$1500 /month

*Add on: $125 investment per warm, hand-selected contact

*Add on: $250 per hour for ghostwriting

*Add on: $50 pitching template

*Add on: $500 per direct introduction


Price: $125.00
Price: $250.00
Price: $50.00
Price: $500.00

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