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“Alyssa, with great vision and clarity, puts her heart and soul into her clients work, and treats it as if she’s birthing her own words.” -Bonnie B., Salon Magazine

BBC - Alyssa Pinsker
BBC - Alyssa Pinsker
BBC - Alyssa Pinsker
BBC - Alyssa Pinsker
BBC - Alyssa Pinsker

Welcome to the Girl Gone Global® Community!

Alyssa Pinsker Girl Gone Global

Welcome to Girl Gone Global® Communications where we will give you the latest info on writing, publishing, public relations, and exclusive coaching offers. We’re so glad you’re here.

You may be receiving this because you want to see your name, and your business being published in top-tier media. You want to learn the ins and outs of the writing (especially travel writing) world, get recognized, and get noticed. Getting your work published and learning to write like a pro-journalist may feel like a long shot, but success is right there at your fingertips. You are closer than you think to breaking ground on your journey.

We’re here because we are passionate about your success! Our team will be your cheerleader, through tough love, whatever it takes to boost your confidence, sharing our secrets to success, and providing clear step-by-step guidance without an ounce of B.S. to further your writing career.

Alyssa Pinsker, a published author, speaker, and writer for such outlets as the BBC, Huffington Post, Lonely Planet, Fodors, Cosmopolitan, the Moth, and more is the founder of Girl Gone Global® Communications. She built her business by developing and perfecting the art of written and oral communication in order to speak effectively to an audience and cultivating relationships through maintaining contacts, organizing resources, priceless mentors, writing groups, and networks such as her GGG21K list and media database in order to connect writers, editors, and publicists.

Whether you need guidance in collaborative ghostwriting, producing materials such as bios and press releases, or traditional coaching, we can help you reach your goals.

At Girl Gone Global® Communications, we specialize in How to Write a Press Release, How to Pitch, and most of all, How to Publish in Top-Tier Media for both writers and businesses; and by signing up for my newsletter, signing up for a free 15-minute intro consultation with Girl Gone Global® Communications, and downloading my free e-books listed below, you are already one step closer to your dream job: traveling, writing, influencing with big brands, and big recognition.

The industry always needs new stories, from passionate individuals who can learn to voice exactly what these top-tier outlets are looking for.

If you haven’t already, check out our books to get started today!

But I want to let you in on this insider information. I want to tell you a secret about getting published in top-tier media like Forbes, Lonely Planet, BBC, Cosmopolitan, Fodors, and more! Anyone and any business can do it. You just have to know how-to, and you need a mentor to guide you along the way. Here’s one more tip: always pitch around 10 am EST Tuesday through Thursday. For other secrets like whether you should “multiple submit”, how many times you just re-write something before it is pitch-perfect, how to catch an editor’s eye, and ensure they read your pitch, and how to even know if they are considering it.

“Secrets to Getting Published in Top Tier Media” original price $̶1̶8̶, has dropped for the month of May it is available for just $11.

Alyssa Pinsker Travel Writer

Secrets to Getting Published in Top-Tier Media

Secrets to Getting Published in Top-Tier Media

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